Biscoff Pizza…and a Giveaway!


There’s no questions about it…Biscoff Spread is BIG.  Once it hit grocery shelves, food bloggers took it and ran.  Instagram photos, blog posts, Twitter, Pinterest – Biscoff Spread is everywhere.  However, if you live in a small town like me, it’s everywhere BUT the grocery store shelves.

Luckily, I know people.

And these people sent me some.  Yesssss.

These people happen to be Lotus, the makers of Biscoff and Biscoff Spread.  Yeah, I’m a lucky girl.  And…when they told me there was a new Biscoff Spread “Lunch Envy” Recipe Contest, I knew I wanted in.  It’s a contest just for food bloggers and their children to create a Biscoff Spread lunch item together, in hopes of winning some faboo prizes.

I love Biscoff Spread.  I love lunch. I love PRIZES.  I own a child.

So yes, I want to do it, I tell them.  I’ll do it!

And after I hit SEND, I read the rest.


I must make a video.  You’ve seen me, right? You’ve heard me speak, right?

Damn my ability to pay full attention.

I’m not one to back away from what I say I will do, though, so I did it.  And it was worth it.  This pizza is pretty darn delicious!


There’s no real recipe for it, per se, as it’s pizza.  You may want to keep it super simple and use pre-made dough.  You may opt to use homemade dough, like I did.  You may opt to use flattened frozen rolls.  I’m not the boss of you, and this pizza is so versatile you can make your own rules!

As I said, I used homemade dough, and topped it with a couple heaping tablespoons of Biscoff Spread, added a layer of sliced bananas, then sprinkled them with sugar so that they would caramelize in the hot oven.  We also added a few dried cherries, some large coconut flake, and chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Seven decided we needed some marshmallows on it to, which I have to admit, didn’t hurt it one bit.

While I did prefer this pizza hot out of the oven, it was also good a few hours later.  I know this because I am a food blogger, and we never manage to eat anything hot (always taking pictures first) and because I am a mother (I forget I have the food to eat until 3 hours later and I see it sitting on the counter.)  So, it would be a neat addition to a school lunchbox.  Just fold it in half after baking, turning it into a sandwich of sorts.  Yum!

This can be put together in a matter of minutes, and because I baked it in a countertop oven, it made it really convenient and easy.  Just pop it in the oven while you are getting the kids dressed for school, and 10 minutes later it’s ready to be wrapped up and packed.  While I intended this to be a clever lunch, it would be every bit as good for breakfast!


For more information on the Biscoff Spread “Lunch Envy” challenge, please visit


About Lotus Bakeries  For information about Lotus Bakeries, please visit

And now, I offer you my video.  Bear in mind, you were warned.

Biscoff Pizza Lunch Envy Video


Did you suffer through it?  You did?

Well, bless your heart.

You deserve a Countertop Convection Oven. Just. Like. Mine.


It’s from WestBend, and I swear to you, I could kick myself for waiting as long as I did to open it.  I thought, toaster oven. Boring. Snoozefest.

Wrong, on so many levels.  It heats up to over 450 in very little time.  It is perfect for pizza, as the small size gets the top nice and toasty and the bottom gets that crispy yet chewy texture.  It’s fantastic.  You can make cupcakes, cakes, pies and pretty much anything else in there that will fit, and thanks to the curved back, you’ll find that it’s much larger than you think.


So, let’s give one away.

All you need to do to win is this:

Tell me what my kid is saying at the end of the video. I know the answer, I’m his mother.  But, yeah…answer what you think he’s saying.  That counts as one entry.

Want more chances?

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Contest is open to US and Canadian (woot) addresses only, and ends at 11:59EST on Novemeber 2.

Thanks everyone, and good luck! (Wish ME luck too, will ya? First prize is an iPad! I have needs too!  Have a great day!